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5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China – 2

Tip #3. “Understand perfectly the production process” Here I’ll tell you one of my horror stories:  A supplier started giving me excuses and delaying production. He claimed he had some issues with his glue supplier and the glue was not reaching him…. Later on, I realized he did not need any glue in the production [...]

5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China – 1

Tip #1. “You need a native speaker in your team (even if it is part-time!)” You need to look for the information in Chinese! I initially searched the internet looking for suppliers in English, but you miss lots of interesting information. You need somebody who is a native speaker (or can perfectly read and speak) [...]

4 Ways to Prevent the War with your Chinese Supplier

1.Inspections by external inspector(s) in the factory Pros: The final random inspection is the “standard” way of checking quality. Suppliers are used to it. It is easy to set up and relatively inexpensive, even with many different suppliers in many different places. Cons: The supplier might interfere in several ways: only showing a part of [...]

Top Legal / Regulatory Challenges in China

AmCham Shanghai has released its China Business Report, a detailed and comprehensive report that covers major issues companies face in China. The report reminds us that China is not an easy place for business, and one of the reasons is the fact that the country’s legal framework is still in the process of being built. [...]

Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 3

PRODUCTION & SHIPMENT 25. Make sure you visit the factory during product development. It will speed the process, as nobody will tell you on the phone when they’ve got stuck with something (especially if the product is technically sophisticated) 26. Visit the factory during production & for quality control 27. If you can’t visit factory [...]

Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 2

NEGOTIATING WITH YOUR SELECTED SUPPLIERS 11. If you are not a fluent Chinese speaker, bring a native Chinese speaker to the negotiation- he/she will be a valuable support 12. Understand perfectly the production process 13. Be very clear on who is going to be making decisions 14. The best way to do business in China is [...]

Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 1

LOOKING FOR SUPPLIERS… 1. Initial Search for Suppliers: directories, trade-show directories and internet 2. Not all good suppliers have English websites; get on board somebody who can help you search in Chinese 3. Existing (good) suppliers may be able to help expand your supplier network in non-competing products 4. If there is any IP involved, [...]

How to define defects during Inspection

1. Introduction: One of the most important parts in a Quality Inspection is the AQL Inspection where need to list every defect that found on a sampling-size of the inspected products. 2. Standard definition of the 3 defect categories: There are three types of defects on a product. It could be CRITICAL, MAJOR or MINOR. It is really [...]

How to Develop a Quality Control Plan

A quality control plan offers a method for ensuring products have reached a specific standard. Quality control is usually the last step a product goes through before being sent to the customer and consists of a series of systems and procedures to ensure the highest standards have been met. Quality control is in place to [...]

Professional China Sourcing Service At Cost Effective Price

Globalization is functioning in the direction of a planet economic climate with uncomplicated transportation of products and swap of technologies among countries. The produced west counts on quickly building economies on the east for provider of products and solutions and raw material. And when we speak concerning the quickly building economic climate on the east [...]