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5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China – 2

Tip #3. “Understand perfectly the production process” Here I’ll tell you one of my horror stories:  A supplier started giving me excuses and delaying production. He claimed he had some issues with his glue supplier and the glue was not reaching him…. Later on, I realized he did not need any glue in the production [...]

5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China – 1

Tip #1. “You need a native speaker in your team (even if it is part-time!)” You need to look for the information in Chinese! I initially searched the internet looking for suppliers in English, but you miss lots of interesting information. You need somebody who is a native speaker (or can perfectly read and speak) [...]

Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 3

PRODUCTION & SHIPMENT 25. Make sure you visit the factory during product development. It will speed the process, as nobody will tell you on the phone when they’ve got stuck with something (especially if the product is technically sophisticated) 26. Visit the factory during production & for quality control 27. If you can’t visit factory [...]

Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 2

NEGOTIATING WITH YOUR SELECTED SUPPLIERS 11. If you are not a fluent Chinese speaker, bring a native Chinese speaker to the negotiation- he/she will be a valuable support 12. Understand perfectly the production process 13. Be very clear on who is going to be making decisions 14. The best way to do business in China is [...]

Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 1

LOOKING FOR SUPPLIERS… 1. Initial Search for Suppliers: directories, trade-show directories and internet 2. Not all good suppliers have English websites; get on board somebody who can help you search in Chinese 3. Existing (good) suppliers may be able to help expand your supplier network in non-competing products 4. If there is any IP involved, [...]

Choose the Most Satisfactory International Inspection Companies

“If your selected provider seriously isn’t satisfactorily supplying this information, research for solutions or at the least get reliable 3rd celebrations included while in the progression to aid safeguard your investment,” Dayton said. “You also can shell out for any qualifications verify for any international inspection companies or individual, verifying tax history, lawful history, collaborative [...]

Two Big Tips About China Business

There are china business tips here to you, hope you can benefit from them. 1.Have obvious knowing of China it is usually significant to fully grasp the traditions in the nation prior to making an investment in it. knowing China is important as China is commonly a property of substantial diversity. As this kind of [...]

Zero Risks with Our Inspection in China

There always exists some risks when doing business.Where there is deal,there is risk.Then how to make a safe business,how to make a satisfied buying and selling?Then you need china inspection service from us. We are a great supplier that can offer you all inspection service when you want to order something from China.We offer the [...]

Professional China Sourcing Service At Cost Effective Price

Globalization is functioning in the direction of a planet economic climate with uncomplicated transportation of products and swap of technologies among countries. The produced west counts on quickly building economies on the east for provider of products and solutions and raw material. And when we speak concerning the quickly building economic climate on the east [...]

Why China Sourcing is So Important to Importers

Machines, electric goods, components or say plastic material merchandise the title of China might be in no way ignored. It has not merely proved them ideal in intercontinental business but additionally proved among the greatest generating and exporting nation in Asia. China producers and manufacturing have various products and services with very much less costly [...]