China Sourcing, China Sourcing Agent is dedicated to providing quality and professional China sourcing related services to small and medium size foreign companies, which trade with or invest in China.

Our sourcing experts will use their expertise and experience to guide you through your trade and business related problem.

TCO in-house sourcing experts have in-depth knowledge and experience in most industries, such as apparel and textile, electronics, rubber and plastics products, construction products, etc.

By the way, TCO has a quality inspector networks all around the countries, in most coastal regions and in the major areas of Middle West China, so we could provide on-site inspection service whenever the clients have QC requests. We believe that we’re the best China Sourcing agent you choose.

TCO has cooperation relationship with hundreds of factories in different industries that we have worked with. We started to provide sourcing service since 2006, so far we have served 300+ foreign companies buying from china on a regular base.

TCO offers international buyers a basket of integrated services to bring more confidence, security and knowledge in ordering from Chinese factories. Through every step of the process TCO has the expertise and professionalism to prevent surprises. One or a combination of our integrated services including might be right for you.

We will continue to offer cheaper, safer and easier sourcing agent service for all the importers worldwide.

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