Surprise Factory Visit

During the production process you might want someone to make a suprise visit on your behalf to your factory. You might not need a full inspection – just need someone to check in with the factory and confirm what the factory has reported. TCO offers the economical Surprise Visit for a half-day service in coastal regions in China.

We will arrive on site and report back to our customers a simple report including but not limited to the following:
- what % of production has occurred
- are we still on schedule with the order
- a quick check for quality
- is the packaging ready and correct?

We will have the report out to you the same day, and can check on the specific questions that you have.

With our reach including most of coastal China, we have the manpower it takes to make an Order Check possible – saving you money.

Our customers like the option of the Suprise Visit to avoid further problems in the future, and also save time and money. The result of the Surprise Visit is not a full inspection, just having someone on your side going to the factory site to check the basics of your order. The result is that you know the real situation and can deal with the factory accordingly.

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