5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China – 2

Tip #3. “Understand perfectly the production process” Here I’ll tell you one of my horror stories:  A supplier started giving me excuses and delaying production. He claimed he had some issues with his glue supplier and the glue was not reaching him…. Later on, I realized he did not need any glue in the production [...]

5 Tips for Negotiating and Dealing with your Suppliers in China – 1

Tip #1. “You need a native speaker in your team (even if it is part-time!)” You need to look for the information in Chinese! I initially searched the internet looking for suppliers in English, but you miss lots of interesting information. You need somebody who is a native speaker (or can perfectly read and speak) [...]

4 Ways to Prevent the War with your Chinese Supplier

1.Inspections by external inspector(s) in the factory Pros: The final random inspection is the “standard” way of checking quality. Suppliers are used to it. It is easy to set up and relatively inexpensive, even with many different suppliers in many different places. Cons: The supplier might interfere in several ways: only showing a part of [...]

How to define defects during Inspection

1. Introduction: One of the most important parts in a Quality Inspection is the AQL Inspection where need to list every defect that found on a sampling-size of the inspected products. 2. Standard definition of the 3 defect categories: There are three types of defects on a product. It could be CRITICAL, MAJOR or MINOR. It is really [...]

How to Develop a Quality Control Plan

A quality control plan offers a method for ensuring products have reached a specific standard. Quality control is usually the last step a product goes through before being sent to the customer and consists of a series of systems and procedures to ensure the highest standards have been met. Quality control is in place to [...]

You Can Benifit A Lot from Our China Inspection

You can benifit from our practical experience as we check programs on your own behalf by any means phases through the factory audit,through the production process,to delivery. Customers can furnish the needed supplement information, our organization which gives you china inspection might be effective and exact selection of Chinese little commodity marketplace connected items and [...]

Zero Risks with Our Inspection in China

There always exists some risks when doing business.Where there is deal,there is risk.Then how to make a safe business,how to make a satisfied buying and selling?Then you need china inspection service from us. We are a great supplier that can offer you all inspection service when you want to order something from China.We offer the [...]