There no question that most companies are more comfortable to work with local companies on engineering new product prototypes. This might sound logical considering that China is on the other side of the world. In addition to the need for design and engineering procurement support from China, other considerations include protecting intellectual property, feasibility studies, [...]

TCO in Sync

TCO In-Sync allows buyers to maintain organization and control over their orders in China. Web-based calendar with full production schedule projections, continually updated order status, payment updates and alerts, and online access to TCO Inspection Reports – these are some of the tools that help TCO customers stay organized on all orders.

Surprise Factory Visit

During the production process you might want someone to make a suprise visit on your behalf to your factory. You might not need a full inspection – just need someone to check in with the factory and confirm what the factory has reported. TCO offers the economical Surprise Visit for a half-day service in coastal [...]

Step-by-Step Order Tracking

Start from Order Scheduling, we trace Sample, Material, Molding & Tooling, Order Accessories, Production, Inspection, Shipment and even Payment. When dealing with several orders at several different factories at the same time, it is not easy to stay abreast of estimated production schedules. Compound that with the fact that factories are often not informative or [...]