Sourcing from a Trading Company vs. Manufacturer

There are advantages to both trading companies and manufacturers depending on your situation. Let’s see if we can identify a few positives and negatives for both. This thread applies mainly to sourcing from China and I welcome your suggestions and corrections. Overview – Size matters Trading companies can be huge operations in China that deal [...]

Quality Assurance

Proper preparation and evaluation before an order is place can prevent big headaches down the road. Consider all the details of your order before it is placed. We can assist you to evaluate your product and the raw materials that will be needed and also areas of caution to suggest the factory to pay attention [...]

On-site Sorting Service

On-site Sorting Service The purpose of On-site Sorting Service is simple: when your factory fails inspection and there is work to do to sort defective products from the good ones, TCO can manage the process to keep your factory honest and ensure a problem order becomes a successful one. Inspecting as many units as possible [...]

Container Loading Inspection

The purpose of Container Loading Inspection is to minimize surprises. Our trained inspectors can supervise the loading and ensure that you know what to expect when the container is delivered to you or directly to your customer. 1. Full Quantity Check 2. Check of the Packing List compared to loading 3. Conditions of the container [...]

Pre-Shipment Inspection

The order is complete (or close to complete). Don’t you want to know what you’ll expect to find when you or your customer can expect to find when the container is opened? The purpose of the Pre-Shipment Inspection is to give you a clear depiction of the state of your order before it is shlpped. [...]

During Production Inspection

The purpose of a During Production Inspection is to check on production mid-way through the production process to check several things including: Will the factory be on-time on total production? Does the production product meet requirements and spectifications listed in the Purchase Order? Are the proper in-house QC measures in place?? How can I prove [...]

First Batch Inspection

The purpose of a First Batch Inspection, or Intial Quality Inspection, is to check production procedures and quality of the “first batch” of product. By correcting mistakes in the beginning stages of production, TCO can consult both our customer and their factory on how to proceed in the most efficient and effective manner to save [...]

Pre-Production Inspection

Our Pre-Production Inspection service is your key to due diligence on a factory under consideration for partnership. TCO’s PPI allows our customers to have a mature view of materials preparation, tooling preparation, machinery available, labeling, production scheduling and all arrangements for production and packaging. The carpenter’s rule is to measure twice, cut once. Pre-Production Inspection [...]