Shipment Consolidation

The international marketplace is becoming a very dynamic place to expand your business. It is also a place where businesses and individuals are learning how to be a “smart” buyer. Many of these people and businesses are learning how to leverage their buying power in order to ship goods to them at a very low price. [...]

Travel & Transportation Assistance

TCO can assist you in arranging trips to China whether on business or leisure across the entire country of China. We can assist you in handling your travel and transportation assistance needs.

Trade Show Assistance

TCO staff can attend a trade fair of your choosing collecting all relevant catalogues and brochures, business cards and price lists for the products that you are interested in for a fraction of the cost you attending. If you want the benefits of attending a specialty trade show without the time and costs involved this [...]

China Local Office

TCO can also assist with many of the important administrative tasks your company may have in China. If you require a location and staff in China, TCO is a great option to provide the following services: – secretarial services – phone, fax, local China address, virtual secretary answering the phone on your behalf – China [...]

Sample Consolidation

In order to evaluate and consolidate your sample order: 1. Receive instruction from our customer 2. Contact supplier(s) by phone 3. Instruct suppliers to send samples to the office 4. Make small rmb payments from our customers’ cash account 5. Consolidate samples and ship by express to address of customer’s choosing There are many advantages [...]

Attorney Service

TCO provides legal and attorney services for those in need. Contact us for more details.


There no question that most companies are more comfortable to work with local companies on engineering new product prototypes. This might sound logical considering that China is on the other side of the world. In addition to the need for design and engineering procurement support from China, other considerations include protecting intellectual property, feasibility studies, [...]