Tips on How to Deal or Negotiate with your Chinese Suppliers – 1


1. Initial Search for Suppliers: directories, trade-show directories and internet
2. Not all good suppliers have English websites; get on board somebody who can help you search in Chinese
3. Existing (good) suppliers may be able to help expand your supplier network in non-competing products
4. If there is any IP involved, register it in China before you approach anybody
5. Consider registering your IP for categories similar to the one you manufacture

6. Approach them first with an introductory email presenting yourself, your company and detailing as much as possible the product you are after
7. If they do not answer fast (1-3 days) move on, they will give you trouble in the future
8. If you have a good number of suppliers to choose from, create a “pre-selection system” that helps you shortlist: level of response to your introductory e-mail response, telephone check (do they exist?), factory address provided, factory license, and any certification your business requires, quality certifications

9. Ensure you are not dealing with the middle man (I): Visit the factory… ALWAYS!
10. If you can’t visit the factory, get an Inspection Company to do it for you. It is not that expensive.

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