Useful sources you should know for sourcing from China

Sourcing from China is a technical job, you have deal to with issues like Chinese laws and regulations, policy, tax, insurance, shipping, payment, certification, lawsuit, etc. In many cases, overseas buyers are struggling to figure out where to find correct information, who to contact, which place to make complaint. We would like to share a list of online resources that you might find interested to your import business from China.

1. Foreign Investment(FDI)
FDI is the best place to find both English version and Chinese version laws and regulations. It has compiled the most complete list of laws and regulations introduced by Chinese governments. It is free to use.

FDI is also a great resources for overseas investors, with complete list of government policy and in-depth interpretation of those policies. If you still have doubt, you can ask your trade or invested related questions at their forum, they have expert teams to answer your questions. The answer normally are slow and general, but very authorative.

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2. Ministry of Commerce
Ministry of Commerce is in charge of the business and trade of China. It is the best place to search bilateral and multilateral agreements between China government and foreign governments/organization, the dumping and anti dumping news, quota information, regulations and policy of different industries, regulations and policy of different regions, industry association list, etc.

Their Q&A forum is the best Q&A forum among the websites of all Chinese central ministries. Very professional and prompt reply. Even if you ask questions not related to their duties, they will direct you to where to ask the question. You can ask trade related questions there.

The china commodity net, run by ministry of commerce of P.R.C, even though don’t promote themselves heavily. But I would say that they are the most authentic and trustworthy trade portals in China to look for suppliers, even compared with globalsources and alibaba. They don’t accept shell hongkong companies, scam companies, fake companies. However, as a trade website run by government, they are not in a level with other trade portals in term of usability.

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3. China Customs
Oftentimes, we need to check the import and export duty, VAT, certification and license for import and export, the categorization of HS code. Then we have to deal with customs.

China Customs Q&A session is the one of the best forums of Chinese government, the replies are a bit slow though. Most import and export related questions can be asked there.

If you are regular buyers from China, it will be a good investment to buy yearly Customs Tariff of Import & Export of the People’s Republic of China, you can find HS code categorization, import and export tariff, import/export license, certificate and mandatory requirement of certain items.

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4. China Trade forums
Trade forums are places that suppliers, buyers, shipping companies, and all other service providers of international trade gather. We often use trade forums to find suppliers, buyers, service provider, and trade professionals.

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5. Legal Resources
We don’t have to go to court to get your dispute resolved, but legal methods are always the most powerful weapon you can use to protect your interest.

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